Cherrie is a girl from Israel that my friends found to fuck in the ass and pussy. They told me they had known her for a while from doing porn but that she liked inviting guys back to her place to fuck her too. I guess she is a true nymphomaniac and is too bad I was out of town to come join the party. Continue


Crystal Ray
Crystal Ray is one of the sweetest girls I have ever doing this. We first met about 3 years ago and she eventually ended up doing mainstream videos. But she always remained a sweet girl and she also remained slutty. I didn't see her for almost a year after getting together with her and another swinger couple at a private orgy we had but then a member of the one of the sites emailed me about her and I just called her up to see how she was doing since she had moved to Northern California for a while. And it turned out that she was actually on her way back to LA so we started talking for a while about other stuff and websites. Continue


Rachel is a stripper we gangbanged few weeks ago. One of the guys met her at her club where she was dancing and got to know her well from there. He told her that we could make her slut fantasies cum true and we ended up gangbanging her. However, she was afraid about trying cocks in her ass as she usually never takes it up there but she said she could not feel like she had been a true slut without getting her ass passed around, so we asked her to cum back for a "no holes barred" session.  Continue



Vanessa is a hot Czech girl I met thru Sarah Blue, one of my all time favorite girls. I asked Sarah to refer someone for my site and she introduced me to Vanessa. She was very outgoing and slutty and since I was traveling there  with a friend, she asked me to invite my friend too to the shoot so she got double penetrated by me and my buddy.  Continue

My friend Andrew met Casey on a site for modeling and he recognized her from couple of amateur videos she did couple of years ago and sent her an email.  Casey is a dancer at a strip club and wanted to get a site too so when my friend emailed her and told her about the possibilities, she came over to visit him.  Continue


Katin is a pretty college girl who was referred to me by a friend who wanted me to help her with her website and some pictures. She actually reminds me a lot of Venus and an old ex girlfriend. She is also a super nice girl who loves to swing and party. Continue



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