Name: Julie Robbins Age: 24

The Story:

Julie is a slutty Southern belle  my friend found surfing the internet. She is  an up and coming adult model and she was building her own website, so my friend told her about our site and how good she would look with a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time so she was happy to come meet us in person.

We met her at a club in Hollywood where we had the chance to talk and know each other and after the last call, we took her to one of the rooms in the back on the club where she sucked all of our cocks to completion. She said she wanted to see what she was in for so after swallowing all that cum that night, we set up the DP party for her the next night. She came very excited and ready to get her holes plowed. She had been practicing her asshole the night before with a butt plug so she was ready cocks.

We started by filming a little introduction and then we just started to fuck her. At one point she had a cock in her mouth, ass and pussy at the same time but since I was taking pictures and video I didn't get too carried away doing the video. I let the guys fuck her holes first until they came all over her pretty face and then we kept on taking turns on her three holes all night.



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