Name: Exotica Age: 22

The Story: Exotica is a girl from South Central LA who called us after seeing an ad in the swinger's magazine a few weeks ago. I was not around to "interview" her but my friend Andrew got to interview her and eventually fuck her several times.

One of the things she wanted to really try was getting fucked in the ass and the pussy and the ass by couple of white guys, so Andrew set things up and had her come over to give up both of her holes.

I am not sure how long they fucked this two hole slut for but it seems like they did her for quite some time. She was then supposed to do a gangbang with the rest of the crew but her boyfriend found out she was slutting around without his approval, so she disappeared.. however, horny sluts like her always cum back to their slut trainers so I wouldn't be surprised if she comes for a gangbang one of these days.


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