Name: Tara Wild Age: 30's

The Story:

Tara is a slutwife from Las Vegas who came to California to be a slut for a night. She wanted to be with multiple guys but she wanted to take it slow with 2-3 guys and wanted this to be recorded so she could show her husband.

After a few emails and a few phone calls with her and her husband, we set everything up and she came to Los Angeles on a weeknight and we picked her up. We immediately took her to a hotel and we started to fuck her. She said she liked getting fucked in the asshole so she got cock where it itched the most and so she got pounded hard in the ass and her pussy.

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And after getting fucked for about an hour she got on her knees so she could have her face covered with sperm. And she got it all over face..

We then went out to eat something and went back to the hotel to fuck her some more that night. She definitely got a good slut treatment.


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