Name: Rachel Love  Age: 25

The Story: Rachel is a stripper we gangbanged few weeks ago. One of the guys met her at her club where she was dancing and got to know her well from there. He told her that we could make her slut fantasies cum true and we ended up gangbanging her. However, she was afraid about trying cocks in her ass as she usually never takes it up there but she said she could not feel like she had been a true slut without getting her ass passed around, so we asked her to cum back for a "no holes barred" session.

We were thinking about doing a DP gangbang but several of the guys had to work that day so it ended up being me and couple of the guys fucking her. She came to our place dressed like a slut and she told me she had been preparing her asshole for an all out cock assault. She stuck things up her ass the night before and she even did an enema before coming to us, so this girl was basically ready to give it all.

I took some pictures of her first as I think she looks very sexy and slutty and after few minutes of doing that, we started to fuck her mouth first. Rachel is very submissive and one has to take control and give her orders, so basically we just passed her around like a fuck toy. Each of us alternated between her mouth, pussy, and asshole. She would suck a cock that was just in her pussy or asshole with not problem, she is basically a good nasty slut.

Then after fucking her really good for a while, we started to fuck her all at the same time where we would stuff her mouth, pussy, and ass at the same time. She moaned hard when we all went in her at the same time and she came with three cocks in her at the same time. After that, we kept on taking turns on her until we covered her face and her body with lots of cum.

Rachel now is now officially a three hole gangbang slut.


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