Name: Crystal Ray Age: 22

The Story: Crystal Ray is one of the sweetest girls I have ever doing this. We first met about 3 years ago and she eventually ended up doing mainstream videos. But she always remained a sweet girl and she also remained slutty. I didn't see her for almost a year after getting together with her and another swinger couple at a private orgy we had but then a member of the one of the sites emailed me about her and I just called her up to see how she was doing since she had moved to Northern California for a while. And it turned out that she was actually on her way back to LA so we started talking for a while about other stuff and websites.

Crystal asked me to help her with her site and I told her I could do it anytime, so we ended up getting together when she got down here and we fucked at my place. I told her what sites I was doing and she got interested in doing a double penetration video. This is not the first time she has done DP but it was a while back ago since she last did it, which was at that orgy almost a year ago. So after setting things up we went to my friends place and Crystal got both her holes stuffed with cocks.

She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to do it at first but we had practiced the night before, meaning I fucked her ass for a long time to prep her for the DP. And once the guys were there, she was ready to take them on. She took both cocks deep inside her and she hurted at first but her pleasure took over and just dealt with the pain of having a big cock up her tight ass. They guys fucked for for quite some time and in the end they ended up coming all over her pretty face.

I then took her out to dinner and took her back home to fuck her pussy and ass some more. I am not sure if she will ended up doing her site but that is the plan, in the meantime I am just happy I have friends like her. 


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